Absolutions Counseling Center - Utilizing Spiritual Absolutes to Light the Path Toward Freedom
YOU are responsible for downloading the hardrive God blessed you with that's located between your ears. The software is Freely available in His Word, The Human Beings Owners Manual, or you may refer to it as The Bible.
BIBLE stands for:
ENJOY and Feel Free to Download and share with others!
Plan of Salvation.doc (DOC — 44 KB)
Armor of God.doc (DOC — 34 KB)
Dealing With Hurts.doc (DOC — 30 KB)
Just Stay.doc (DOC — 26 KB)
Midnight Phone Call.doc (DOC — 24 KB)
Spiritual Distress.doc (DOC — 29 KB)
The Lies We Believe.doc (DOC — 29 KB)
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