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Sick and Tired of

Half Way House Failures? 

ACC Offers Love and Hope!

...for individuals struggling with substance abuse dependencies seeking a Spiritually Based Recovery Living Environment

"ACC Men's Recovery House"

An Innovative Sober Living Environment

Whether one is new to recovery or has a history of sobriety, there is a continuing need for support and encouragement. ACC gives the needed support and assistance in a gradual transition to a happier, healthier lifestyle, with the realization that it is possible to live and thrive in the community at large. Many individuals are without a Safe, Clean, and Sober Living Environment for accomplishing their desired recovery. It is with this in mind that A New Door was established. 

ACC offers a Sober Living environment at competitive rates.

Amenities included are:

  • Quiet living in lovely suburban neighborhoods.
  • Internet, Cable Internet access.
  • Recovered managers experienced in after-care living.
  • Clean, comfortable, furnished bedrooms.
  • Large and comfortable common areas.
  • Attractive and well-maintained interiors and exteriors.
  • Fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities.
  • The security/serenity offered in a drug/alcohol free home.
  • Access to public transportation and houses of worship.
  • A supportive, friendly staff who encourage residents to attend Bible studies, recovery oriented meetings, home meetings and community programs. An atmosphere that affords privacy, anonymity, & discretion for residents. 

ACC provides a safe environment for persons desiring & willing to maintain sobriety.

There is zero tolerance for drug and alcohol at ACC, and more than a halfway house, we help each other stay clean and sober. Through active learning of an individualized recovery program, residents are taught to become giving and productive members of the community. They are afforded the opportunity to become the individuals they have always wanted to be, living with direction and purpose. 

Eligibility to reside in our structured recovery environment include:

  • Stay drug and alcohol free.
  • Have a willingness to remain clean and sober.
  • Actively work your personal Recovery Program.
  • Actively involved with your Accountability Partner
  • Follow our House Rules. We are very structured.
  • Attend Friday night's Recovery discussion/speaker House meeting.
  • Attend at least 3-outside Recovery meetings per week.
  • Have a legal source of income. Must be self-supporting.
  • Pass regular/random drug/alcohol screens.

(Drug/alcohol screens serve as a means of deterrence, and a dirty (or positive) test constitutes grounds for immediate eviction.)

At this time, the fee is only $100.00 per week. Arrangements can be made to pay on a weekly basis and a payment contract will be established at that time.

Call our office at 334-303-5594for availability and to complete an application. We maintain a waiting list for those desiring residency at ACC and offer referrals to trusted Recovery Living houses for individuals needing immediate residency.

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