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Counselor Biographies


Jennie Young, LPC

My name is Jennie Young. I have been a single parent for many years. I became divorced when my youngest child was three weeks old. I know personally the devastation that can come with divorce for both the spouses and children. Through the grace of God I was able to raise my two girls to be responsible, contributing members of society. My oldest child is a paralegal and the youngest has started her own ministry called Footprints.

As far as education, I was a late bloomer receiving my bachelors in psychology at age 58 and my Masters in counseling at age 62. As I mentioned before, I have many life experiences that I draw on in my counseling sessions. I favor William Glasser’s theory and feel that if it isn’t broken why fix it. On the other hand if what you are doing is not working, let’s form a plan that will work. I like to look at the family as a whole. Each member and their actions affect every other member. I am a chaplain for the Baptist disaster relief organization and a volunteer for the Red Cross. 

In divorce, I emphasize forgiveness. If you are unforgiving, the other person has power over your life. It is a decision that does not say that what the other person did was right. It is simply releasing that person from the hold they have over your life. Sometime it can take years but is well worth the effort. I finally did forgive my ex-husband. Due to botched surgery, he was an invalid. I moved in with him and helped him for the last two years of his life. We agreed to disagree and were finally able to bury the hatchet and form a friendship. 

I have life experiences that enable me to help people with divorce recovery, parenting, co-parenting, addictions, grief recovery and spiritual issues. I think that we all have inside us the capability to heal and have a productive, rewarding life. I love people and want to help everyone be as successful in life as possible. 

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